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To send mail via SMTP with your new account in Mozilla Thunderbird you will need to set up an account as follows!

1. Click Tools
2. Click Account Settings

In account settings:
3. Click (outgoing server (SMTP))
4. Then click add

In the SMTP server dialog enter:
1. Description: = Protocol ME
2. Server name: =
3. Port: = 25
3. Port: = 225 as some ISP's block 25!

Tick user name and password and then add:
4. User name:
5. Click: TLS, if available
6. Click ok

And ok out of these options, sometimes ISP's stop connection to default port 25 to understandably stop mail Spam servers being set up and appearing to originate from their servers, unfortunately; this causes a few problems in this instance so we have set up another port that our servers listen on and that is Port 225, use this port if the default port fails!

In this program when you log on for the first time the program will ask you for a password to send mail through this server, please enter the password we supplied you with and press OK.